Packing & Crating Services

Have high value, heavy, fragile or unique items to ship? Make Marine Trading your resource for packaging, and you won’t be disappointed. Our experts design crates to fulfil your item’s particular needs.

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Exporting & Importing

Importing or exporting your goods? Marine Trading can help you comply with your import and export needs, assisting smooth customs clearance. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll ship your goods safely & fast.

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Online Shopping & Cargo Delivery

Don’t have a credit card? Fret not! Online Shopping is possible at Marine Trading! We can purchase the item for you via our Miami warehouse, clear your cargo from the airport or seaport and deliver it to you.

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Freight Forwarding &
Shipping Services

Shipping services

Are you looking for shipping agents that can take care of your freight transport needs to or from Barbados? Marine Trading Ltd. can handle all your shipping needs, whether you are importing or exporting.

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We Get Your Packages

Located in Black Rock, St. Michael, Barbados, we are Ships Agents, Logistics Specialists, Ships Brokers, Import & Export Agents and General Contractors.

Regarding shipping; we assist persons who wish to import and export goods, from a tiny nut or washer to a dump truck. If it’s legal, then we can ship it for you! We also ship packages like storage boxes and barrels.

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Pay for our services with Barbados cash, debit card and approved cheques.

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